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What are some ideas to build AN ULTIMATE RAT CAGE built from my 8'' x 10'' screened in porch? Answered

I do not have much time to spend with my rats anymore and as such I would like to build them a much bigger area for play and exercise in.
Here are some factors I need to contend with:
1. I live in florida and it gets HOT, how can I build a cooling down area?
2. What substrate for the bedding should I use? It has to be cheap and I am planning on shoveling and hosing down the area for cleaning.
3. What little features can I provide to entertain them (aka: "enrichment")
4. I would like a little grass area for them, would this destroy the concrete floor?
5. This can be really cool, what would YOU do with all that space?

Keep in mind the name of the game is to make cleaning as easy as possible while creating a rattie wonderland.
And to answer your question that must be brewing, I only have 6 rats. Possibly when I am down to three rats I will take them back inside and use the outside as a play area or fostering rescued rats.
Oh, and I also have a 4''x4'' storage area that could also be utilized(it's attached to the porch), maybe I'll put them there when it's time to sleep.


i'm assuming you mean 8' X 10' (' means feet, " is inches)

i don't know that much about rats, but i do know they like to chew on stuff. so probably a bunch of cardboard, little rope bridges, maybe some zip-lines (just wires or rope going from one tall thing to another tall thing), towers (like cat castles or whatever) with little openings and tunnels in them, some little rat sized machine gun turrets with working machine guns to they can have some battles and such

for cooling, put some box fans around the place to keep the air circulating. obviously an AC unit would be silly in a screened in porch though. maybe a swamp cooler? lots of shady spots that never get sun?

Box fans won't work I believe because rats don't produce the sweat that cools us humans down when there is a nice breeze, will look into the other things tho (cept the machine guns, 'cause war between brothers and sisters is wroong)

well, the box fans are more for air circulation. you don't have to be able to sweat to benefit from moving air


7 years ago

The most important thing is to think of something to keep them cool with =x