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What are some low power displays for arduino communication? Answered

I need a display that could show at least the date and/or time for an arduino clock.  I am looking for the one with the lowest power consumption possible, perhaps the kind found on digital watches?  (I don't know what those are called)  if possible the display should have spi or I2C communication, preferably I2C.   Any help would be awesome!

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Downunder35m (author)2015-11-05

Just look for a LCD display with no backlight.
If you want even lower poer check E-Ink displays but not sure if they are available for Arduino.
The main consumption with LCD displays comes from the backlight but even with that it is in the range of a few LED's...

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dudes (author)Downunder35m2015-11-06

I had considered using an LCD without a back light, right now that seems like the best idea. I hadn't considered an e-ink screen, but I really like the idea! Thanks

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Wired_Mist (author)dudes2015-11-06

Or just don't use the back light :P It will have separate solder pad for the Led back-light.

You can also use one of these LCD, I2C backpacks to add the I2C connection !

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