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What are some mini-cameras that can use CompactFlash? Answered

Cheap "toy" cameras invariably seem to rely on a ridiculously small capacity, non-removable memory card. But I do not see a reason why, say, a 0.3 megapixel camera could not be made to take 256 MB memory cards. What are some small, cheap, low-res digital cameras that can store pictures on CompactFlash or another common type of memory card?

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gmoon (author)2009-05-08

There's a "tipping point" of cost vs. function between inexpensive low-res cameras and higher resolution cameras.

Since a higher resolution camera with memory expansion isn't much more expensive, the low-res cameras are mostly relegated to webcam use (even if they have a tiny bit of internal memory and can be used as stand-alone camera.)

I.E., it's not commercially viable to have external memory on a really cheap camera. Once manufacturers factor in the cost of adding removable media, they might as well add a higher resolution sensor as well...

RE: compact flash vs. other memory types--CF cards are still the standard on professional digital SLRs, because they have a parallel interface and can transfer images to a card quicker than serial memory cards.

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gmxx (author)2009-05-07


uses an SD card, a format that seems to be more common nowadays than compact flash.

BTW, i believe the reason that small camera dont have external memory, is because the pieces for that cost money, and require extra coding and circuitry to work. it would need to be able to understand various formatted cards and likewise.

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