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What are some recent topics to make an innovative electronics project? Answered

I'm not sure whether i can ask such type of queestions here or not , I am interested in analog electronics,microelectronics,semiconductors .What can be some innovation i can contribut to elctronics. Any help would be recommended.


Before folk can suggest where you go, it's best to understand where you've been, and where you are.

What sort of things have you done, and what are your personal interests?

Thanks for showing concern, i'm very much interested in open source hardware development, analog electronics,micro controllers . I'm in a learning stage and as off now i've done 2/3 worth mentioning things:-
Arduino based wireless electricity transfer
Arduino based 4x4x4 LED cube

Hey for a beginning which is the preferred Arduino to purchase. I see there are alot of different Arduino but i'm unsure of which one to purchase any suggestions?

As Josehf says learn first.

Find projects that interest you, try them out, then see how you can improve them or take them further.

Learn first

I belong to a consortium called safe America they are working on a short wave radio internet free to all.

There is a place to start.

One of my uncles gave a shortwave radio as a gift back in the 70s. It was so much fun for me to hear radio stations around the world. I was lucky to enjoy the analog era before it was over!

Not everyone has gone digital but it’s hard to get any analog that works here in North America.