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What are the basic tools I need? Answered

I have a list of the basic tools I will need for this. If you can add anything that would be great. 1.LEDs 2.Wire 3.Duck Tape 4.Soldering Station 5.Persision Screwdriver 6.Razor Knife 7.O-Rings 8.Springs 9.Batterys 10.Needle Nose Pliers 11.Clamps 12.Screwdriver Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks.


heat gun shrink tube (nice not necessary) electrical tape ...and a good idea or two is helpful

What are you planning to make? Or is this a general list? If it's general, you need general tools - hammer, nails, saws (including hacksaws) files, rasps, big lumpy screwdrivers, screws, glue-gun, drill, dremel, etc.

In adition: Solder (duh) helping hands or a PCB clamp resistors for the LEDs springs arn't used that much you just need one good cheap small philups head and a flat head for prying instead of batteries you can just use wallwarts for most projects, as they don't need batteries. ummmm.. something important but I just forgot, ha

Nup, looks like their all there. Sorry I can't find what we are talking about.