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What are the best examples of fails, stupidity, and general ignorance that you have witnessed? Answered

I was browsing ibles yesterday, and I came across this stunning piece of stupidity:

Person 1: "d - b" (some interesting ASCII art)
Person 2: "How do u get the backwards b"
Me: "It's called D"

It got me thinking afterwards that I should make this forum. So, what are the best examples of fails, stupidity, and general ignorance that you have witnessed?



6 years ago

I tried to throw a road flare overhand once... it sputtered and shot flaming phosphorus onto my back, burning away a good hunk of skin.

I have put my left shoe on my right foot, and my right shoe on my left, and gotten almost all the way to school before I realized.

My principal sent this post I made on Facebook to the cops today because she thought it could be "Threatening".  The member formerly known as Izanagi Telos can testify that I made absolutely no threat to anyone, and when I asked the principal where I said I was going to harm anyone, she still stayed put and refused to change her position on the subject.  

Note: I am not friends with her on facebook, some nut job sent my post to her.  I then blocked my principal afterwards lol.

Like a 3-mile long rant about boycotting the school talent show (You had to pay $3 to get in) and just posting your act on Youtube as long as it didn't suck or anything.

thats the problem now, schools take everything as a "threat" or wayyyyy more serious than they need to

I WISH my principal read this.  I mean, that was pretty much a blatant disregard of common sense.  She should have at least asked me before making a judgment and acted on it.

Our school is such a freakshow of overreaction and insecurity that it should have it's own TV show.

Me and my friends are full of these
me and my neighbor were playing mario cart, he paused it so he could answer a text, when he un-paused a second later he turned around and drove backwards(in the game) so he could get his phone from where he was texting on the track. hahaha i still harass him about that hahaha

I got another one:
Today I cut my finger so hard it started bleeding. The thing is, I was making a sammich and cut myself on a cheese slicer.
owchy-pain-pain >:(

One time, I saw someone get up off their folding chair, somehow managed to get the chair to fall over, then sit down on the edge of the seat and break it! (and the chair was made of hard plastic too)

I did something extremely stupid just now: I grabbed my utility knife and opened it... Backwards into my hand.

Just played Jewel Quest III. One of the scenes is set in the city of Victoria, Australia. Victoria isn't a city. It's a STATE. The major CITY in Victoria is Melbourne (yep, just like in Florida) So this is equivalent to setting a scene in the city of Washington, USA (Oh, wait, that works doesn't it? How about the city of California, USA?) Geography 101 people ...

I don't know, maybe i expect too much from people. I've been working in retail for about 4 years and it still bugs the heck out of me some of the things people say. One of the things that drives me mad is when people do not like the total of a three item purchase, ask me for each of the prices, then tell me the total still doesn't seem right. I even bother to do the math myself to entertain the idea the POS is wrong. Yet they always feel that the total is 2 or 3 dollars over, even on untaxed items. Maybe they round the .99 part of the price down, or maybe down to the nearest 5 dollars. I don't know, maybe its me. Its too common. Also, they usually spend a minute or two trying to add the 3 numbers. Trying....(maybe they should have brought a 2nd grader with them)

I am going to go with rounding down.  Took me a long time to get my wife to stop doing that.

My mom used to be a math teacher in Junior High (mostly 12-14 yo's). When they covered the concept of percentages, she would always put this stumper on the test:

Q. What is 100% of 37?

Multiple choice from some of the answers she actually got:

a) 13.7
b) 63
c) 137
d) 37
e) 3,700

'b' is my personal favorite (those kids were thinking really hard), but usually about 1/2 to 2/3 of the kids would actually pick 'd.' :)

Based on your location(being in the USA) I assume those kids all passed her class despite, in all likelyhood, not absorbing any information.

I remember this one time in Sixth grade when I joined the school orchestra with a bunch of other students.  One of the kids who liked picking on me back then asked me why I had to be unoriginal and copy everyone else who joined the orchestra. 

Now it turns out that I was the only kid there playing a Cello, while everyone else was playing a Violin.  Man I laughed my butt off that time.

I saw this post on one of my older topics a few months ago, back in October 09.  The poster was bartboy, and we were in this argument about whether my AR-4 v3 had a bolt or not.  He asked me "Then why do more people agree with me than you?"  Turns out that nobody agreed with his point of view and everyone who actually participated in the argument agreed with my view.

My friend from school thinks that Infinity Ward invented the M4 carbine, M4A1 and M16A4.

That's not a fail, that's called idiocy lol! That's dumb, it was Activision who invented them! XD

looks like you to are stupid it was. colt arms stupid

haha, you're the stupid one if you fail to notice the BLATANT sarcasm in what I said. And it's "too" in that kind of phrase not "to".

well first u could put asteriks around it to signify sarcasm and, second in text its "to" all the time

Learn to spell, and learn some grammar. Then you can call people stupid.

this is between me and the one guy no one yanked your chain so shut up

I really hate seeing people who can't spell simple words correctly, and btw, in text the rules of "Too" and "To" are still in effect.

again who yanked your chain and no it doesn't stupid

Yes, I can say that you are too stupid to realize that there is no difference with text and anything else. And from the context I'm guessing you're 9 or 10, so calm down.

and again who YANKED YOUR CHAIN INTO THIS. now you friggen moron drop it this has nuthing to do with you. and im 15 with a very short fuse

Again, calm down. No reason to get angry over a little joke the guy made.

Dude, it's not needed since it soo obviouse, and isn't the laughing face (XD) at the end enough? And not just english speaking people use this site, so I don't talk in text speak. Which in my opinion is for people who can't spell.

Looks like you are stupid. You don't get irony/sarcasm.

Activision won't have done. Infinity ward is the makers, Activision is the publisher.

Infinity ward IS activision lol, it's a sub

I have two that have stood out for me.
My son's friend (both are 17yrs old) asked me what it what it was like to live in black and white? Ha..Ha..Ha.. Anyone else remember what life was like before we invented color.

Where I live there are a lot of immigrants and one day when out grocery shopping I was confronted by a very large older white woman, who obviously was angry started yelling at me that " YOU people need to go back where YOU came from!"  I am Native American!

I occupy an office with people who can't:
Change a laser toner cartridge
Change a fax catridge/ink
Use simple PABX codes
Use Outlook
Or Excel
Fall for stupid junk-chain-emails & texts, and word of mouth-rumours.
It's sad really...


Lemonie,   in our country, they call those people "computer USERS" as oposed to those in MIS  ;-) 

More like keyboard-mashers...


Well, turning them upsidedown, shows the source of about 60% of their problems.....oh THAT'S where half my Coke went.....

Ha, you saw that Dilbert strip?


Which one exactly?   I know the boss owned an "etch-a-sketch" that was his PC, and to reboot he had to turn it upsidedown.....I assume you mean another ont though.