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What are the best guns (hand-held guns) to use in a base? Answered

This is about what are the best guns (hand-held guns) to use in a base. There are many opinions about this so everyone please post what you think.



My Oodassault Pistols for sure XD

Well, it depends on how much range you will need in your base, maybe a BR-18 for long-medium range, and a semi-auto for close combat.

fires yellow rods up to 30 meters-100 feet with power so it absolutely owns anyone who is that close but instead of a gun why not use a knife?

There isn't too much of a point then. Either use a repeater or a full sniper. At distance it'll lose accuracy and speed. It's overkill for close range.

true I actually made a new frag grenade yesterday-im still testing-so id prefer to use that now

pistols. they may have low range but your base probably won't be any bigger the 20 ft. i would recommend the spiff or O.M.9.7

and their also really quick at cocking, and firing

There are many k'nex guns out there so it can be hard to chose sometimes. There are hand guns, shot guns, snipers, and a lot more, So here post the ones that you think are the best!