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What are the common speed controlling methods for PMDC motors,it is to be used in a trike!(apart from pwm)? Answered

 we are planning to use pwm method using(H Bridge) an avr controller that is to be used on a tadpole trike
i saw some costly controllers on sites like evparts.com and many electronics site!

what does this offer more than those DIY controllers!?
does this work on pwm only! and any better alternatives available there?
do inform about the advantages and disadvantages of these methods if some exists?


The more expensive ones will offer things like 4 quadrant operation ( and therefore regenerative braking)

PWM is the best technique for these big motors.

Its not so much the cost of the components as the complexity of the design process.


is that not attainable and much complex?
i Would like to include that in to the trike so that it could be used for charging also.

On off works fine for most uses. A simple button controlling a high current relay.

Beyond that your getting very exotic and needlessly expensive for little gain.

see  here and here