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What are the voltage and amperage of a transformer that will be used to build a welder? Answered

In order to build a welder using 120 volts of AC, what should be the voltage and amperage rating of the transformer

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David97Best Answer (author)2012-09-18

It depends what type of welder you need to build. Most people know how to mig weld but those welders are very hard to build. If I were u I would build an arc welder. These are harder to use than mig's but they are the easyest to build. They may seem hard to use but once you have some practice it should be no problem.

There are many instructions online on how to build them. The easyest way is probablly from microwave transformers. If you go to a dump you should be able to find some sutiable. But I have even seen some people use 3 car batterys in series. I wouldnt suggest this.




Before you try this rember that this is high voltage. This could shock, burn or even kill you!!! I take no responsibillty if you hurt youself trying this.

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iceng (author)2012-09-17

My welder is under 0-50 V and under 0-200 Amps

The voltage is AC for aluminum like metals and DC for Iron like metals.

And a cover gas to avoid oxidation.


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