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What are these called? And how could i make them? Answered

Ive only seen glimpse of them, and they are normally in movies set in California or stuff like that.

Its basically, from what i understand, a pair of shoes with a caster wheel under each one. 

Im wondering if i am just imagining them, or its something my mind pieced together that would be a cool idea. Im not sure.

Normally its cool dudes, riding around by the beach, but on cement. And its normally an orange caster wheel. 

Any feedback would be nice, especially with a link to the website where i could possibly buy them. Or just a name of them would be greatly appreciated. 

I have a ripstik, i used to have Heelies.
I found a video clip of them! I figured out where I've seen them before. If you watch
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, you will see it in the intro. After he does his monolauge, its in the video of him running. One of the little clips is of a dude with shoes that have casterwheels attached at the bottom.
Here is a link to a video. After you get through the adds, and after they announce the names at 21 or so seconds you see them.
Any help would be appreciated!


Oh and it kinda looks like the third caster wheel, the orange one.


Do you mean "roller shoes"?

If so, just google "roller shoes"... they've been around for a while.


lol... I think you're RIGHT, cg... but they have a diiferent name here in the States. Having a CRS moment so I can't remember what it is.

I almost bought myself a pair several years back... but then reality set in. The only part of me that's somewhat co-ordinated is my brain... and that ain't sayin' much! ;-D

LOL... I hear ya. After I hurt my back (from an unrelated accident), I decided it would be best if I stayed away from wheels attached to my feet. ;P I have roller blades too, but they're probably making a nice, new home for dust bunnies. ;)

I'm not sure what "roller shoes" are called in the states. I had to even look them up, because I've always known them as "those runners with wheels on the bottom"... so, ya, not exactly a technical name. ;P LOL

There's a version with the wheel just in the heel, called "heelies" or "heelys".


I think they're a Canadian company. We first saw that style launched about 10 years ago, then they caught on with other manufacturers.

A really fun instructables project would be to make them with motors. Modify them with a battery back pack and a solar vest.

Hmmm, never mind. Once you got them to work they would be required to be licensed and the drivers would need a special tag on their license. And then there would be the problem with mounting the license plate on the ass end of the jeans.
"You looking at my butt?". "No, im just trying to see what state your from."

Any toy store will have whatever it is you're looking for, I think mpilchfamily nailed it with the rip stick.

Also there are heelys - shoes with a wheel only on the heel side and you have to rise your toes up to roll on them. But the wheel is almost invisible there.

google image result

They're called Roller Blades.

And all this time I thought it was a genetic defect unique to people in California. I mean, California and anything with wheels , its just normal there.