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What are these little clips called . . . Answered

 that connect the ribbon cables to the board? And where can I find them (replacements)?


Google "HP laptop parts", but insert the correct computer name instead of "HP".  I doubt that the mfg. used custom parts but the likelyhood of you finding the correct part out of the thousands of connectors there are is slight.  If you can find the part you need on a parts list somewhere, then you know what you are looking for.

Most parts for laptops are available somewhere, you just have to know what you are looking for.  If you've lost them then other people have lost them and someone's got them for sale.

Now, next time, hang on to all of the parts.  If it comes out of the computer its needed.

Sorry to hear about your problem :-(

Just the retaining clips ? Ouch, that's a tall order. you'll have to get down there with a powerful magnifier. and read the manufacturer's serial numbersif at all possible information, then try and beg their stockist for the bits. Even if you can identify the connector, you'll probably end up buying the whole connector, just to get the clip.

Laptop makers TEND to use connectors from Hirose and/or JST, the big Japanese makers, though sometimes they use Molex.

they mostly are different but sometimes you can find them what our they for psp ,dsi ,ds ,dvd player ,etc?

No, for my husbands laptop...I lost "@" of them!

They are called IDC headers. The IDC stands for Insulation Displacement Connections which refers to the way that the connection is made with the wires in the ribbon. They are made by squeezing the connector onto the the ribbon and its teeth bite through the insulation and contact the conductive cores.
Now you have the proper name you can search for them with your favourite electronics suppliers.

Unless you are talking about the flat ribbon cable on your husband's laptop in which case the clips are not IDC. The key words you need here are "Flexible Circuit" and you need a Flexible Circuit Header. Also since you slip the cable in with zero force and then clamp it into place with the connector itself then this is a ZIF type - which stands for Zero Insertion Force.
So you are looking for a ZIF Flex Circuit Connector. Try googling this.

generally you wouldent replace the clips you would replace the whole cable .
try tiger direct, radio shack , or any place that sells computers ... just matters what your hook up is .. what your talking about sounds like a hard drive strap "thingy"? anyway if you went to a store and took the cable with you some one would prob get it for ya