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What are those pads for? Answered

Under the battery of my mobile phone (Nokia 5070) there are five PCB pads.

Does anyone know what are they for? (testing, reprogramming the chip...?)

May I use them to hack (or brick...) my phone?


Fabio M.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Without knowing anything concretely (I'm working in a different industry), I'd say, the are either for end-of-line-testing (communicating with the processor to check working of RF stages, stimulate the display and check the keyboard operation) and/or flashing the firmware / the IMEI number.

So, yes, they might be used to hack the phone (flash another firmware and/or have fun with the testing part of the software already inside) - though without any insider knowledge it is just a way to brick the phone.

I'm sure there is software online that will suitably "hack" or brick your phone that you can download to via USB.

They're manufacturing test points.
When the board is manufactured, to test it they will use an automated test rig with spring-loaded pins which will sit under those test pads.  The board will then either be sucked down with a vacuum or pressed from the top to contact the pins.  The tester will exercise the circuitry on the board to verify everything's working.
(Quite a few years ago I used to write the test software and design the rigs for large, multi layer processor boards and printer sub-assemblies.)

Testing almost certainly.