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What are you giving this year? Answered

With the economy in the crapper, it's an especially good time to consider de-commercializing the holidays.
I'm not saying I don't want to get (er, I mean *give*) a ton of gifts, but let's get real. I can't even afford to set foot in a mall right now, and I can only virtually window-shop online.
So what am I going to do?

The more I think about the state of the States right now, the more I think about the world at large.
Frankly, I don't want to spend my money on the gifts that I can afford - gifts that are probably made in sweat shops with terrible conditions and sub-living wages.
And I really can't afford to support the local designers using only organic denim to make those great jeans, no matter how much I'd like to.

But heck, I'm a crafty person! And I'm surrounded by a creative community from whom I could learn a myriad of new skills.

And I figured if I'm feeling this way, there's probably a few of you out there who can identify.

So hey, let's put this site and this community to work!

What are we gonna make this year?

Let's come together as a helpful, creative community and share some ideas, then work with each other figure out the best ways to get them made.

So tell us your ideas. If you already know how you're going to go about it, great, share that too! You'll be sure to inspire others.

Have an idea that you don't know how to actuate? Share that too, and we as a community will come up with some answers.

What do you say??



9 years ago

With the economy in the crapper, it's an especially good time to consider de-commercializing the holidays.

In the crapper? I don't think so. But, I agree with the decommercializing of Christmas.

Wow, I just saw these super cute patterns on wee wonderfuls!

They're totally cheap and look really easy. They even have some just for handsewing! Think about all the people you could impress with your newfound sewing skills.


I've been thinking about it, too...but haven't a clue!

Hey, that rhymes!


Why, oh why must you make your words that tiny?? I have to cut and paste every time just to read them. >:O


Thanks, but it would still be nice if we could just all stay away from super tiny words.

*wakes up and realizes that that will never happen*

Maybe I'm just jealous because I don't know how to do uber tiny words.

hint, hint

What irritates me is when someone uses a period at the beginning of every idea.

I'm hoping this forum can be a good way to inspire others too. I also have no ideas yet, but I'm starting to get thinking. , , ,

As the winter season approaches, we (my dad, brother, and I) are building wooden ski racks. Using scrap wood, and only buying what we needed, we have already made one. For the rest of them, we will have to buy the wood from a supplier, but it is still cheaper than buying one from online. We are shipping them out to the relatives in our family that are skiers. One thing is missing however; the skis. Ski prices are quite high these days. Often times junk yards carry skis and sometimes even boots that are old, but certainly usable. Taking them to a ski shop for a tune-up, or doing it yourself (with a web search) can bring them back to new!

That is a really great suggestion for reconditioning skis. I had no idea! Is there anywhere near you that you can get salvaged wood instead of new? It would add another element of history and significance to your already great project. I love this. Very unique.

Using scrap wood from old projects and the kind donations of neighbors, we built up a nice surplus. With the new Craftsman contest, expect an Instructable on the ski rack, it will be fun to document. However, we will be using our store bought wood for the Instructable version, to reduce confusion of readers.

I'm giving my Mom my P&S; because hers is wayyy outdated... I'm also gonna get her a bag for it, and give her my rechargeable batteries. Probably make her a nice card too. My little brother and sister (aged 7-1/2) are constantly bothering me to use my Zune. I'm getting them 2gb mp3 players for $25 each from Newegg. No idea what I'm getting/making for Dad...

Those sound like very thoughtful gifts.
Can you make your mom a bag instead? I bet she would totally cherish that. Maybe out of an old garment or pillowcase even to add to the sentimentality. Or with some kind of fabric in a color or print she likes.
We've got a great number of instructables that could help you with that here.

No pressure though. ;)

Good gifting!

Honestly, I don't really care for Christmas. I'm probably just going to bake some cookies and sew some things and say "Happy Holidays" to people. That's about it. :) I'm thinking about making a plushie or two for my nephew, pretty sleeping/eye masks for my mom, sister, grandmother, some aprons for my coworkers so we can avoid the funk at the buy counter, and a gigantic moustache for the boys living in the MANsion.

That sounds like plenty! I also love making cookies and some simple sewn objects. I think they're great, since a lot of people just don't do those things anymore. People love getting hand-made gifts. I would definitely take the "just" out of that earlier statement. And share pictures of your gifts with us!

. Unless you're young enough to believe in Santa Claus, don't expect any bribes from me.
. If you haven't shown me that you are a friend over the year, a bribe at Christmas isn't going to do much good.
. If you have shown me that you are a friend, a bribe at Christmas isn't going to make me like you more. Spend the money on yourself. If you must do something, call me on the phone and say "Merry Christmas."

And a Bah-HUMBUG to you too Mr. Grinch.

. I still enjoy getting together with family and friends during the holidays, I'm just not much for all the gift exchanging. If you like me, just tell me; you don't have to bribe me. If I need to bribe you ... well, you're not much of a friend, are ya? I'd rather you bought me a $5 meal when I'm broke in July than a $25 trinket at Christmas.

Ah, I see where your head is! Great point of view my friend.

Ah, I see where your head is!

Right above his shoulders, right??

So do I win?

Merry Christmas, ya ole grumpus! My wife and I bought a cruise long before the economy imploded like a jam jar dropped into the Marianas trench. So we'll spend "Annual Gift Giving Day" fiddling whilst Rome burns.