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What are your favorite ingredients for noodle/pasta dishes? Answered

What are your favorite cold and hot noodle dishes? What ingredients are must-haves when you make pasta?

I'm mildly obsessed with hot pasta dishes, and cold pasta salad. I'm hoping to try some new ideas. If I draft a recipe from your idea, I'll be sure to cite you as an inspiration source when I post.

Some of my current faves:

-feta, basil, roasted peppers

-chicken, feta, cilantro, white beans, basil

-goat cheese and cilantro pesto



5 years ago

Fried bacon (bits) and onions - but i am a simple guy :)

I don't eat cold pasta so i do not know if it would work, i think it would though

An option if you need a more filling meal is to add sausages (i cut then through along the middle before i cut them into pieces and fry them)

no need to credit me for this though - hardly gourmet or secret recipe material.

Ooh that sounds delicious. Thank you for the suggestions!

This can get fancier than you think. Cold bacon on pasta would be like bacon on salad. Add in something green (an herb, zucchini, etc.) and you've got a balanced plate.

Bacon, feta, and thinly sliced red onion might work for cold salad- not sure what other veggie to add. Chicken apple sausage is very nice with red onions and bacon as well.

I really like gruyere cheese. I imagine, with bacon bits and caramelized onions, it would make a great macaroni and cheese for a hot noodle dish.

It's an old habit- I can't write anything without worrying if I forgot a source to cite. I took an English class with a prof who was a stickler on this.

I am not much for all the fancy additions, but that should not stop anyone else of course :-)

I think bacon and onion works simply because you get to taste all the parts due to them being so different (bacon being salty and onions being... i'll call it sweet).

I am (unfortunately) very picky about my food and cheese is something i find ruins almost any food for me (it is probably psychological to some extent, since i have no problem with it on pizza or in burgers) and for spices i prefer plain salt and pepper - perhaps a paprika(is that an english word?) or other BBQ-mix

Red onions could be better than normal onions for a cold meal - though i really like onion and dont mind strong onion-taste.

With macaroni i think a nice minced-meat/tomato sauce (possibly with some (very lightly) boiled carrots and corn added) is nice.

I am sure your old prof. would putting me over the knee for a good spanking for my english and especially horrible use of (nested (deeply)) parents and dashes - along with my randomly distributed punctuation :-)

I only mentioned no need for crediting because you brought it up in the question.

I also love olive oil,lot's of garlic,anchovy and crushed red pepper flakes with pasta as a side dish or entree.A little Parmesan.

Onions,red bell pepper,zucchini,green onions,shrimp.crushed red pepper flakes,baby bok choy,carrots,cilantro come to mind.

In Japan, it's so popular aglio e olio peperoncino. It's so goood!

cheese, lots and lots of cheese
also pepper (black pepper) and tomato produces go really well too
and bacon

Pasta with homemade basil-sunflowerseed pesto,
Is my favorite.
But while I type: Sicilian basil pesto is also excellent ( siicillian is with tomatos)
I like pesto made with garlic-mustard as well; men tend to like that ; women tend to not like it.
Ansd spinach-parsley pesto is not a taste slouch either.

When I was in college, a fellow Mom suggested the following recipe: Cook pasta and mix in 2 beaten eggs and the three pieces of bacon(chopped) you cooked with all the fat and sprinkle with parm cheese. I mix all over a small flame, as I don't want to feed raw eggs to my kids even though the pasta is hot. I then add seasonings to taste, salt & pepper or garlic salt. One of the favorites in the house! A change from red sauce!

We like cold salads made with vegetable based pasta. The colors just make them so appetizing. Shells (large or small), rotini, or penne pasta works well. We typically add olives, artichokes, peperoni, ham, or bacon, feta cheese or cubes of cheddar (about 1/2" square), sweat peas & carrots (frozen peas & carrot mix works great), and finely chopped onion. Any combination or all the above mixed with either Italian or ranch style salad dressing makes a super summer side dish.

For hot pasta dishes we do a lot with an alfredo base (marinara sauce will do just as well) and whatever leftovers we have. We refer to it as dinner in a pot (a one pot meal). We tend to prefer larger pastas like pene and rotini or linguini as they tend to hold the sauce better and are easier to eat without getting it on your shirt. We mix in whatever meat we may have such as leftover chicken, ham, beef, or shrimp and add mushrooms, finely chopped onions, and vegetables (also often times leftovers). It doesn't take very much of any ingredient, about 1/2 to 1 cup of anything added to the pasta can really stretch the meal. This is a quick dinner solution and helps clean out the fridge.

Yum! Shells with artichoke hearts, feta, and olives sounds like heaven.

Mushrooms and alfredo sounds like it would be a great mix. Have you tried any of the dried mushroom varieties, or harder to find ones? I recently found a new market with lots of fairly unusual mushroom varieties. I imagine these would go nicely with the hot pasta dish you described.

I love any meal that cleans out the fridge as well. :)

We don't often use dried mushrooms but we do use several varieties of local wild mushrooms available in the spring.

horseradish reg pasta sauce

ginger ponzu sauce peanut oil

garlic sundried tomato basil pickled red peppers

Anchovy paste tomatoes red hot peppers olives.

Yum! All these sound good.

mh76dk- I'm totally willing to give white onions a go. I'm a major onion lover, but my family recoils at the quantity I'm willing to eat. Growing up, we ate a traditional French pizza with onions, anchovies, and olives. It's a mouthful.

FoolishSage- I like the idea of cinnamon and raisins. I had a really wonderful tarragon chicken salad with cinnamon and raisins at Starbucks one time, the last place I'd expect to find a good mayo-based chicken salad. I was impressed.

Goodhart- I love the spice ideas. How would you recommend cooking in the wine? Is it possible to boil pasta in wine?

I know any kind of stock works, and makes the noodles taste incredible. We boiled our fusilli last night in a chicken stock left over from a whole chicken poached in the crock pot with lemon-bay brine.

I've never cooked with savory. I have to try it. There's a few herbs I have little experience with, outside of dining out: tarragon, thyme, savory, sage. I'm waiting to find them at a garden center, so I don't have to put out major $$ for one-time-use fresh herbs.

Any suggestions for using these, once found?

If you are looking for some more out of the box flavours try adding raisins and cinnamon (maybe some lemon) to any simple recipe (in more complex recipes you end up not noticing them).

Must haves? Let's see: olive and/or Safflower oil.

powdered Cayenne 
chicken or turkey
I agree with your choice of basil
savory  (I am having ALL KINDS of problems finding this herb.  I recently came across a place that has it but they won't be getting any more *sigh*

Oh and some red wine (if beef or pork is included) or white wine if  chicken or turkey are.