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What book should i read? Answered

I'm not fussy about genre but i dont like detective books.



Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. All five in the trilogy. (No, i am not stupid, it says a trilogy in five parts). Funny sci-fi stuff. But very funny.

U know, you should read harry potter- give it a go. its quite addicting if u like fantasy stuff. i'm ready HP and the deathly hallows at da moment

have you read 'dragon keeper' ?
i read it in year 5.
there are 3 books to it.
(4- they just got a prequal to the first one)
It's a nice book. give it a go. (if u havn't read it)
its about this slave girl who runs away with a dragon
and thye have a big adventure. Its placed in China.
the book is only about 300 pages, but its a nice book.
I used to be addicted 2 it.


8 years ago

g.r.r. martin- Song of Fire and Ice saga


8 years ago

Genre: comic book.

The complete Ozy and Millie. I personally love it.

Atlas Shrugged,  a 1000+ page novel by Ayn Rand. It's one of the most loved, and hated, books produced during the 20th century. 

Or maybe you should just wait for the movie, or tv mini-series to come out.  Although I'm not sure how much waiting will be required.  According to the Wikipedia article, the movie effort has been in development-hell for the last 35 years!


The Boy who captured the wind

The Lord of the Rings books, - J.R. Tolkien.

An amazing read, beats the movies (the movies were awesome as well) and it will take at least a month to read, and you'll never want to put it down.

Armor or Vampire$ by John Steakley.

"The Education of Little Tree"  by Forrest Carter... (indian boy grows up)
"The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupery... childrens but good
"Winning Through Intimidation"  by Rober J. Ringer... (goldmine of advise)
"Mad Cowboy"  by Howard f. Lyman ...(about a cattle-rancher against meat).
"God's Key to Health and Happiness"  by Elmer A. Josephson 
       (surprising facts about scientific verification of biblical diet)
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy... by Douglas Adams    humorous Sci-Fi

The red mars, green mars, blue mars trilogy is pretty awesome (sci future fi)

Michael Chrichton:  Prey

I just bought the audiobook version of the Mars series by Kim Stanley Robinson a few days ago. Haven't started it yet, but I hear it is outstanding.


8 years ago

Try David Guterson's, "Snow Falling on Cedars". Literally, one of the five best books of the last 25 years.
Follow that up. with Cormac McCarthy's, "Blood Meridian". Another of the five best books of the last quarter century..

Try Terry Pratchett. Perhaps try Equal Rites to start with, he's written so many books, its hard to suggest where to start. Also try "Guards, Guards"