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What can I do to boost my over-the-air signal so I can get the same reception on my 2nd tv as I get on my main tv? Answered

I am trying to enhance my over-the-air tv signal.  I have an amplifier attached on the antenna pole and it is working beautifully on my main tv.  What I am trying to enhance is the signal coming out of the second output port on this antenna amplifier which I am running to a bedroom tv.  The bedroom tv only gives me a handful of the stations I receive on the main tv so I am guessing the signal loss is due to the additional distance (approx 20-25 feet).  I have tried in-line amplifiers that claim to boost the signal up to 15db and have had no luck.  Is there anything out there that can resolve this or is this as good as I can get?



3 years ago

I use a single 4 way split digital amplifier on my TVs to drive a cable s far as 70' away.

With each amplification you add a bit more distortion to the signal. The longer your cable is from the antenna to the TX the more resistance there is an more signal loss. Adding an inline amp further away is only increasing the power of an already bad signal. Best bet is to get a separate antenna for the bedroom and place it near the bedroom.