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What can I do with 1-Gal. Arizona Tea jugs? Answered

I have a bunch and I'm sure they could be used for something awesome.



Best Answer 7 years ago

MAKE MORE TEA! I cold brew 5 bags about 6 hours..... but all tea is different.

+1 . for all the talk about environmentalism amongst the creative crowd, there sure does seem to be a lot of bottled water, premade tea, etc. etc.....or maybe that's just the engineer's problem..to make sure the common folk can play with no cares of their own.

Hrumph! aw, go sit on a crumpet. ;-)

On a more serious note...I think cold tea came out of the South, where the hot, humid summers made the very thought of hot tea more revolting than you might imagine...Picture 85% humidity @ 80-90°F for a month or so straight.... fwiw, most restaurants in the US offer "Iced tea" as a standard beverage option... And as a general rule, we prefer our "tea" brewed using coffee beans. :) 

Note: the section in my local grocery devoted to tea represents about /8th the space taken up by that gem of a brew, Kaf.

I go through a gallon a day and keep them cold while in rotation. It also keeps the air conditioned kitchen cool...... So it actually does become Arizona Tea.

I am planning to use a bunch in my garden---as OLLAS! Same material as milk jugs, but way stronger. I can poke little holes in the sides, bury them next to my tomato and pepper plants, and fill with water. I just wish I could find more AriZona Zero in gallon jugs besides the ginseng green tea. Nobody here has anything else, but I know there are other, awesome flavors.j


7 years ago

did you think I was kidding?