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What can I do with 20 plastic bottles? Answered

This summer was especially hot and I ended up with about 20 or so plastic bottles. I want to use them for something useful around the house like maybe a chandelier or a lamp shade but am looking for other more interesting/creative uses for them. Any ideas or suggestions ?

These are green half litre plastic bottles, the king that aerated drinks come in (see picture).

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Gorfram (author)2010-06-29

Maybe some type of nifty parts contaner for your new workbench?(https://www.instructables.com/id/First-Workbench/)

Cut off a few inches abvoe the bottom for 20 little organizer dishes, or maybe make a set of 10 "drawers" (https://www.instructables.com/id/Small-items-organizer-with-old-water-bottles/)?

Or else just make 10 of these: https://www.instructables.com/id/Monster-container-with-bottles/

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acidbass (author)2010-06-29

my mom fills them with water then flips them upside down and sticks them into the soil of her indoor plants and they drain when the plant needs water it is really cool you can also do it with outdoor potted plants

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EmmettO (author)2010-06-29

Make a flood and drain aquaponics system.

Fill them with sand and then mortar them into holes in walls/foundations.

Make a set of measuring cups by cutting the bottles to different heights.

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