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What can I do with 500 straws? Answered

What it says on the tin. I can't think of what to do with them.

Sorry bout the webcam pic.


You could make a harmonica with a few of them

What exactly are they? I see what they look like, but other than that, i don't get it. Please?

Have 500 sodas or return them from the McDonalds that you stole them from.

Those are black...mikkeys are white with yellow stripe... black are usually from higher end restaurants or food supply chains.

Actually, we got these from a party for a little girl courtesy of the Make a Wish foundation, so yeah.

Make a flow straightener for your wind tunnel

Make five hundred straw clarinets? Super fun little things that take 500 straws to truly master... I read about them somewhere online... They're awesome. :) I'm always lacking in the straw department, so you could also send a couple hundred to me... maybe... ;)

Find 500 youngsters and create your very own spitwad army.

Sell some, and with the money, buy black powder, then fill a bunch of 'em up and you just got a tone of fireworks !


8 years ago

Push them together to make one REALLY LONG straw. Or try and sell them, who knows, you might get lucky.