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What can I do with High Voltage once I've got it? Answered

I would like to have a use for high voltage....just don't have the time to create things just for sparks and fun. Are there High Voltage applications, such as saving electric costs by boosting the voltage on my end with flybacks, or anything like that?

In other words, I tend to be motivated by useful devices; I've nothing against demonstrative devices, theory, etc. Nor do I have anything against just making stuff for fun.

With that said however, until I have more time to spend on creative projects, I have this burning need to be able to *use* what I make for something...

Does that make sense? As I read it, it sounds a little like I'm bashing high voltage projects, but I want to be clear that I'm not. I think they're extremely interesting and cool. I just haven't found *my* use for them - any suggestions would be great!

I only took one EE course in college, so I'm working on becoming more adept at working with electronics (my only professional experience is working 12v and a little 5v).


Wireless power transmission using modified Tesla Coils, a particle accelerator, an x ray tube, a nuclear fusion reactor (aka Farnsworth Fusor), the list goes on and on...

You could make an ion lifter no instructable on it at the moment i think that will be my next instructable. There are videos and instructions around the net. I cant think of much of a practical use maybe an ignitor for a potato cannon or something similar again cant think of practical use If you happen to do stuff with disposable cameras or some other source of neon bulbs maybe you could make a giant neon lightbulb if I ever accumulate enough ill try that a single bulb frys pretty quickly but enough in series I suppose thats the most practical of my ideas

Cool! I think I might take one of them (the flybacks) and make a generator out of it, and try to build a pretty robust motor (to hook up and rotate someting substantial... Very neat! And, Thanks a ton!

Emm you can light up fluorescent tubes after the ballasts have died... Eh, it's used in sanitisers and ion generators, not that \i believe passing air over a high voltage will make a urine soaked toilet cleaner...

>>Emm you can light up fluorescent tubes after the ballasts have died... Ok, now that I can use!!! I'll have to google some stuf to figure out the specifics...like whether it will kill the lights quickly, etc. Can I also run CFLs, HPS, MH, MV, regular incandescents, etc.? I was thinkng of working on a negative ion generator, but on one instructable I found a link to one that put out something like 12-17KV for $12.95...but if I can make one myself, I'm in. Ok, thanks a ton!