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What can I do with a broken martial arts breaking board? Answered

It's in two halves. I have a power drill, a screwdriver, straws, some screws and some nails, a hammer, etc. I am not willing to spend over $10, unless the idea is really good. I also could probably break it again into smaller pieces. Both halves are rectangles, and roughly twice as long as they are wide. One is slightly wider than the other. I think it's pine wood. I am not interested in stuff that is decorational, as I have a little too much of that. I really need ideas!





6 years ago

If you don't want it for decorative uses, its just a couple of pieces of wood. Build a pine wood derby car, make some chopsticks, toothpicks or two mini-totem poles. The choices are endless.

Thanks. I think i'll do one of these.

Give it a decent burial. It's done it work and served it's purpose.