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What can I do with broken cellphones? Recycle them? Cannibalize them for parts? Answered

I have several cellphones stored, I don't want to throw them away because i think they pollute. So... any ideas?


go to the source they take in old or broken electronics and give you store credit

i know there used to be a program that gave old cell phones to batterd women so they could call 911

Rechargeable flashlights.

Bring them to your local cell phone dealer (Bell? Orange?) They'll usually have a drop-off for recycling. There are sometimes some worthwhile parts. However, if you cannibalize it too much, your dealer may not accept them for recycling. It's not for any reason, but people get paranoid when they see exposed electronics. 1. LCD's - It can be a challenge to get them working but there have been some great successes. Some of the older black and white nokias come to mind. 2. Vibrating motor - It's a little DC motor with an off-balance rotor. It can be used to make a vibrobot or as a tactile alert in another project. If it has a decent shaft, you may be able to clip the weight off and use it as a standard motor. 3. LED's - Your phone may have salvagable LED's, good for lots and lots of fun projects. You will most likely need a soldering iron to remove them. 4. Batteries - If the battery happens to be the same type that your current phone uses, you've obviously now got another one. Your old battery will be of diminished capacity, but if you charge it up and bring it with you when you expect a busy day you'll be happy enough with even an extra 15 minutes of talk time. 5. Buttons, switches, etc. If the keypad circuitry is easily detachable (or you own a rotary tool aka dremel), you may be able to repurpose it. If there are buttons or switches, they can be handy for any project, so use your soldering iron to free them. As for etc, other parts may be usefull for artwork or craft. However, keep in mind that components are probably made of toxic materials.

There's several collection depots that specialise in the recycling of phones. I don't know what parts are inside, but I reckon you could take it apart, see if you can score anything, and what's unusable you can just send to a recycling depot. I imagine if you google phone recycling, you could find one closest to where you live.