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What can I do with this transformer? Answered

I have a transformer from an UPS battery backup, and I was wondering what I could do with it. It weighs around 30 pounds, and on it is written the following.

(can't read the character before this) SC--H1 E184733(H)
CLASS H(180°C)

What could I do with it?



7 months ago

arc welder, power inverter and battery charger

well figer out were height voltage goes in and low comes out what im suggesting will only work if its height in and low out so moving on revers it put low voltage in the height voltage an height voltage arcs will come out of the low voltage only once tho then do it again and again and it will ceep happing maby set it up on a transistor to make a mini teasl

hers a link of how to do it


6 years ago

Your hand position is suggestive of a gangsters knuckle breaker.
But the transformer looks like a split secondary power line unit,
if you can explain the crossed blue wire like things in both upper right
of each frame.


Those are the plastic from bulk LEDs I bought at the source (formerly radio shack)

not quite sure what you mean by knuckle breaker

This is not for the young.
Most recently ( 35 Yrs ago ) I lived in Cicero Ill, Al Capone's territory
next door to Chicago where if you displeased the mob they would
hire a brutal hit man to smash your knee or your phalanges with a
heavy metal sledge hammer or iron pipe or transformer to teach
a strong lesson to others about their authority in crime.

Our Liberal community no longer allows depiction of such violence
in movies or scholastic litterateur.

I apologize to have related to the gory history.


That;s not gory at all, and personally I'd rther use my crowbar, its a bit over wais height and probably 30 or 40 pounds XD

So to continue, and looking more carefully.
Your both a tough member and I'm guessing an ex-resident of Pluto's version
of Chicago. I also like the conceptual simplicity of your DIY Tazer Ible.
I have a yellow bug zapper myself ( unaltered ) and enjoy
the pop a big fly makes :-)

Drop it off the top of a high-building.


And why is that?

You asked;: "What could I do with it?"


You could easily kill yourself, so watch out....
Aside from that, I know that tesla coils are high volt, low amp. You could make a mini one, but as I said before, watch out.