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What can I make to have my 60 lbs dog Betty ride on the back of my Honda Goldwing SE 1500? Answered

I have a 1994 Honda Goldwing SE 1500 motorcycle and I want to take my dog Betty who is a mix of Boxer and Pit Bull on rides with me on the back of the motorcycle.  I want to have her save and comfortable for a long trip. Any Ideas on something I can make " Here is what the bike looks like. I need to fit her in the rear seat or make some kind of an insert. Thank you


Buy a second-hand side-car, and rebuild the body into a travel-space for the dog, with luggage-space for you.


3 years ago

Most cycle dog are a base box with a top turtle-neck zip up.


Thanks for the response. She's a beefy little girl. I hate to leave her home.

For a mid sized dog like that you'll need to either get rid of the rear seat and compartment to make room for a box/carrier or create some sort of side car/trailer. If it's a long trip i'd go for a bike trailer and strap a dog carrier to it. Block the vents on the front so she isn't overwhelmed by the wind and your all set.

I know what ya mean. I wish I could find a sidecar at a reasonable price. That would be a nice addition.

I have no clue where you are located in the world but you might want to check the local rules on this problem before investing time and money.
With a tiny dog or cat in a transport box you might get away everywhere, but where I am a full sized dog would draw the attention of the cops.
As there movement affects the handling of the bike it is argued to be a safety issue in the same way you would not ride with a half full 120 water tank on your bike.
If you can do it legally I would start with checking how much room the dog needs to be comfortable and to check if that will fit into the back seat.
You can't expect a big dog to sit for long periods of time ;)
And if all that still works out for your dog the next step would be safety as you don't want to crush or loose the dog in case of an accident - here would be my concern for weight of the box is you can't build it with aluminium.
Wind can be an issue too, so you might want to check if the dog accepts googles or if you need to design your box with the elements in mind.

Thank you. I never really thought about calling the police. I live in Indiana and am going on about an 8 hour drive to Wisconsin. I do know I'll be stopping more and I want little Betty to be comfortable.