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What can I make with this? Answered

At home, I've taken apart a RC car, a Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6, a keyboard, a monitor and a usb hub. I'm bored and I would like to know if I can make anything with these parts. Any ideas appreciated.

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Josehf Murchison (author)2014-03-06

A robot.

A coil gun.

If you are good an oscilloscope.

A frequency generator.

A transmitter.

A power inverter.

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I'm interested in the inverter and coil gun, maybe the transmitter

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There are lots of Instructables on flyback drivers for high voltage inverters you can use for Jacobs ladders and other things.

I made an Instructable on magnetic wire from monitors and TVs magnetic wire is needed for coil guns:


Most of my Instructables are on salvaged parts.

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