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What can I re-use a computer mouse track-ball for? Answered

I was wondering what I could re-use a track-ball from a computer mouse for? Please answer as it would be greatly appreciated!


Slingshot ammo !
paper weight !
or part of a rube goldberg machine

:O Wow, the way it plays out it's so amazingly perfect.... AWESOME!!!

I must have about 30 track ball, an infestation of birds digging up my garden and a sling shot... recipe for ~~distruction~~ fun.

I've got loads, I'm stock piling for world war III so when all the world's weapon's are destroyed I can throw these and knock the bad guys out, then drug them then push them over Niagra Falls.

Cat toy Ceiling fan pull cord hanging thingy Cut it in half and use it for a wall protector (so a door knob doesn't damage it) Put a USB flash drive in it Hang it from the ceiling in your garage to make a marker so you know when your car is pulled in far enough Get two and make earrings Make one of those rolling ball balance puzzle things

I would say your best bet is to use it as a trackball, but that is just me. You could probably (if you took the time to) find some projects on the site that involve the little buggers. Or you could come up with your own and post it up here like a good buddy.


9 years ago

large ball bearing, counter-weight, booby-trap (you would be amazed how many people don't watch the last step at the bottom of stairs!), fake eyeball (plox to already be missing original eyeball, not to be forcing fake through real one thank you yes.), Air-cannon ammunition, if you have more than one you can make one of those 'Newtonian perpetual motion machines'(its not really any one or combination of the four things that its name implies, its just a cute gimmick to keep executives entertained during long days, though It would look kind of cool with trackball sized and styled balls on it! (I personally like the smiley face style trackballs) :D ) any number of other fun little projects!

draw a smiley face on it

tie a monkeys fist knot around it and make a key chain or something.

throw it? not too many "good" uses...

bouncy ball rubber band ball core use it as some sort of bb it's limniless