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What can I use to create a magnetic effect on a t-shirt ? Answered

I want to create customisable clothing, where design attributes are attached to a t-shirt using magnets. I want the magnet element to be hidden as best as possible. Ay ideas???


 Honestly, the best thing I can think of is to use thin strips of sheet magnets, wrapped in conductive thread running to a battery pack to make a very simple, though not very powerful, electromagnet.  You would have to be very careful with how strong your magnet will be, as you could potentially wipe credit card mag strips, interfere (or damage) certain electronic objects... 

Neodymium magnets are certainly amazing, but perhaps not the best choice for this application. Unlike cheap ceramic magnets, which are made entirely of one clay-like material, a neodymium magnet becomes extremely prone to rust if its coating is ever scratched.

If you really need the high strength and small size that these magnets provide, try the kind that are coated with both metal and epoxy. Otherwise, regular old ceramic magnets would be better.

I would use little pockets on the inside of the shirt so that the magnets can be removed. The heat and repeated shocks of a clothes dryer would not be good for any sort of magnet.

I forgot the most obvious way attach metal to a shirt without anyone noticing: buttons. Find some durable, rustproof metal buttons and sew them into the shirt where the accessories need to attach.

Depends on how strong you need the magnets to be.
You can buy sheet magnets that go through your computer printer, so those would be super thin.
You could also try magnetic paint from the inside. I don't know how stiff that gets, but maybe it could just be in spots.
Otherwise, tiny rare earth or neodymium magnets are a good choice.

T-shirt with a liner, use the tiny neodymium? magnets (one inside the liner-removable so you don't stick to the frige-the other on the design).