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What can i do or make , with Canon iP1980 printer ? Answered

hi . :)

i haven't use this printer anymore . but this printer still working good and can print if i fill and clean the cartridge .
but I'd like to change this printer to be like this one , but i have no result when i search tutorials with canon printer .  if there's no way to modify canon printer to be the PCB printer , what projects that i can do with my printer ? 

Does anyone have any ideas ?  i just want to reuse the parts inside this printer , so this printer should be the AWESOME and USEFUL :)


It can be made to print on PCBs but you gotta have the know how to do it. It's just a matter of moving the feed rollers to a level plain with the print head. In the case of the linked project he uses a metal tray that could fit between the rollers. Then rise the print head enough that there is clearance for the PCB to fit under it. I may make it sound easier than it is.

Otherwise you can strip it. There are a couple of good motors in there that can be used for multiple kinds of projects.

how about the ink ? it is okay to use custom ink to this printer ?

The ink is an issue. Gotta find an ink that can stand up to the etching process. Which is why you don't see many of these kinds of projects around. But a good quality photo ink would work. I doubt refiles will cut it.

i decided , to strip my printer , and i found 2 DC motor , can DC motor use to build cnc ?

Depends on the motors. If they are stepper motors, (and they typically are) then yes you can build a cnc. The motors don't have a lot of holding power and where meant to feed paper and move the printer head back and forth. So don't expect them to carry too much weight.

BTW you can tell if they are steppers or not by the fact that they have more than 2 wires coming out of them. Also if you spin the motor you'll feel the little steps in the rotation.

Possibly 2 or 3 motors, perhaps a stepper motor.

A power supply

Some silver steel bars - very accurately ground to be parallel along their length.

A linear bearing

Some gears

A few buttons & some flat plastic.

Sounds like half an X Y plotter - which is a CAD CAM machine in the making - Not far from a budget laser cutter or a mini CNC router/engraver.

Could be a mini lathe

Depending on the motors and the plastic sizes a hover craft a WIG, (just happen to be looking at both of those at present).