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What can i make With my Broken Car Answered

I have a 2000 Mitshubishi Galant....Sitting in my garage for a few years now, Head gasket blown, Cracked engine, And rusted frame. Any ideas on projects i can make with it?  I was thinking of basically hollowing it all out, taking the shell, and the seats, and making sort of a home theater with it.   Any suggestions for that or with that else i can make?


A drive-in theater without driving anywhere? I guess you could black out the rear windows and get a big projection screen that you could see out the front /side windshield. How about turning it into a giant racing car simulator? Good luck.

+1 for the drive in sans drive idea. you could even mount a popcorn machine and cooler in the trunk as a snack bar. that said, i've sat in a galant before...not exactly the MOST luxurious of vehicles

Thanks guys. My gallant has good room in it, very comfy. I was thinking with the theatre idea, maybe reverse the hood so it opens from the other end and so the car would be facing the screen which would be on the back of the hood. Then making audio play through speakers. Could store all the equipment in the trunk, including a projector that pops up. Half tempted to see what it would look like as a convertible =)

You could caulk up all the joints and see if it works as a submarine.

Good idea. Well today i was in the garage and i was like..let me try this.....And i took the driver seat out and put it in my spare bedroom. Wife came home from work and was a little confused to see it in there. would have got to the passanger seat but my passanger door wont open! always tomorrow.

there was a "pimp my ride" where they did that (i think it was PMR...)

Whats wrong with dragging it out to the front lawn , putting it up on blocks for use as a lawn ornament. (just figured I'd get the redneck jokes out of the way)