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What can i make from this? Answered

'I have a whole bunch of "expansion tanks" that I would like to use for something but don't know exactly what to make from them. They are about 12" wide maybe 15" high, spherical, have a bicycle style filler valve on one side, a threaded hole on the other (approximately 1" male pipe thread) and they hold 12 liters. They have a rubber bladder inside. the original use was as an accumulator on a cooling system. Other than cutting it in half and using it for a small grill I don't have any other ideas. They are rated for 3 bar of pressure (about 45 PSI) working pressure. The exact thing I have is in this PDF. http://www.reflex.de/reflex/pdf_engl/PI0106e_4_9571018_reflex_engl.pdf


Perhaps going with the grilling idea, perhaps building an outdoor smoker would be some fun?? Also using for storage is a great idea. I know friends who have taken old scuba tanks and have stored several weapons for future use. Have them filled with oil and buried for when the time would come to unearth them. Also maybe distiller could be made form it as well??


9 years ago

Those look like the pressure tanks that we used on our water system at the farm when I was growing up. We had a well and a jet pump system. The jet pump would pump the water out of the well and into the bladder in the tank, then the pressurized tank would increase the water pressure (I think?) and even out the flow to the faucets. Without the pressure tanks, the water pressure would fluctuate dramatically and the pump would run any time you turned on a tap, the tank seemed to give you a "reserve" before the pump would kick in. Lol, though other than for jet pump applications I have no idea what you would use them for? I was going to say a spare air tank, but I dont think they are of a heavy enough construction to take the pressure without exploding. Maybe floats for a raft or cut the top off of them and make planters? I know a guy that makes planters out of old fire extinguisher bodies and they look pretty good. Hope you find something cool to make out of them :).

They sound like a water-hammer arrestor. I...really can't think of what to use them for.

If you've got metal cutting tools and skills, you might be able to stuff a PC in it. You can cut it in half, install latches and use it to store stuff like a battery for an outdoor project. I say keep em intact until a need arises.