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What can i make with chicken? Answered

Chicken Salad! Yes! was a thought...


Cooks.com or Food Network's site for thousands more ideas.

depends if your chicken is alive or dead.

If it's alive I recommend making friends with your chicken.
After a few months she may let you put a small saddle of her back and strap a figurine on there. That would be awesome.

If your chicken is dead I recommend making dinner.
There is no shortage of recipes for dishes with chicken in them, crack a cookbook or google and get clucking cooking.

Chicken gumbo. Chicken strips. Chicken tenders. Chicken teriyaki. Chicken salad sandwiches. Caesar salad with chicken. Quesadillas with chicken. Gung bao ji ding. San xing guo ba.

I left out all the Indian stuff: chicken curry, chicken vindaloo, chicken masala....

If you have a rooster too, another chicken?