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What can stop a cutting laser? Answered

so obviously no one wants a cutting laser to cut through their walls or floors so, what materials can stop a cutting laser? i know there is some things but what?


Other than cutting the power to the laser you...

To stop it put the laser on a material that is can't cut or deflect it with a mirror. The laser in only so powerful and will only make it through a pre determined thickness of material. The further the laser is from the target the less able it is to cut into that target.

A cutting laser is typically in the bottom of laser cutting/engraving machines and the beam is focused and shot through a set of mirrors up to the gantry that slides over the material to be cut. If there are no focusing elements in place then the laser's ability to cut is greatly diminished.

you said to use a material it can't cut... that was my question, I was asking what materials I can use... materials a cutting laser can't cut no matter the distance in the beam, that's my questions, What materials can not be cut by a lasers.

a blocking, like a wall for a laser, a non reflective material that can not be cut through no matter the distance for a laser strong enough to cut hard objects like metals/rocks/etc.

Depends on the laser in question and the distance between the laser and the material. A 40W laser may be able to cut through 1/4 inch play and acrylic but if that material is more than an inch or 2 away then it will only burn it. Move it 6 inches or more away and it won't effect the material at all. You put a piece of metal in front of a 40W laser and nothing will happen. The laser won't be able to heat the material enough to do any damage.

Do you have access to a 1000+W laser? You need a multi thousand watt laser to cut metal and rocks. To block something like that you would need a special heat resistant ceramic like the tiles used on the space shuttle. It's all about the heat. A laser is just a focus beam of heat but if the object is far enough away then the power of the laser is greatly diminished.

well a laser strong enough to cut metals or meat or something that's tough

honestly I have nothing, I have many questions that I need to get answered so when I get true money I can have an idea what I'm doing, u know? so something that is just heat resistant? doesn't sound that hard... shouldn't be to hard to find heat resistant materials that are not too expensive, right??

how about a beam that could be like a 3 feet long? random but is that too short or is it long enough?

You talk like money is an issue, have you looked at the cost of laser cutters? A basic 40W laser cost nearly $2000. Like i said those will only cut through up to 1/4" material. It will engrave metal but wont cut it.

Sure the beam can be any length but the focal point of the beam where it does it's best cutting will be close to the base of the beam unless it's been focused elsewhere. But don't get any idea about making a real life light saber cause it doesn't work. Besides you can't see the beam unless there is a lot of particulate in the air.

About seeing the beam: If it's a CO2 laser were talking about (which I assume we are), they operate well into the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum, so no matter how much of the laser beam is either aimed or bounced toward your eyeballs, you wouldn't see it, because humans only see the visible light spectrum. I mean, if the particulates were burning in the beam, then maybe...

The beam power drops off following the inverse square law. After an inch or two there is hardly any power in it.

Inverse square applies to omnidirectional things, a decently collimated laser will hold power over the length of a room.

I am being nice when I say this, but the problem is that you are asking a question that 'depends' ....like a question of a similar nature would be something like, (and the following question is off the top of my head...), "WHAT CAN STOP A "RAZOR SHARP WAR AXE" from chopping something?!!!!?????"

A 100 foot thick log would do it....or if the person missed its target (the log...), or if the axe handle was defective and broke before it hit the target, or if the target ran away faster than the man swinging the axe (assuming a man swings the axe ). If a machine swung the axe, then it would definately not chop anything, because the machine has a tiny little clock motor that is powering the swinging action

?? why did I answer this?


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If you want to cut a sheet of something in a controlled way with no heat then use water. A super high pressure water jet can cut cleanly and does no heat damage. In addition the water only travels a short distance until it slows down and no longer cuts through things.

Everybody thinks lasers are the only way to make precise cuts, they are only one of many tools. There are also super fine plasma cutters. It all depends on what you are trying to cut, how you want it cut and how precise you need it cut. A simple razor knife and a straight edge will cut paper better than a laser will and there is no smoke to deal with.


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Turning off the power usually works pretty good.