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What can we do with old Newspapers? "reuses"? Answered

Hi, every day we got a newspaper. I got newspapers in hundreds. What in hill can I do with it? I want somethings creative !!!


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ilikerecycling (author)2010-04-23

You can make home-made paper out of them! Put them through a paper shredder (it's easier then cutting them up) and soak them in a tub for a while. THIS WILL STAIN WHAT YOU PUT IT IN. In the morning it'll be all mushy and gross and the texture of puke when you run your hands through it. You can break it up more if you want to, but I think it looks way cooler to have little bits of words floating around in your paper. Then you take a mold and dekle(sp?) It's pretty much a frame with screen over it and another empty frame, if you look it up they are really easy to make. And then pull sheets of paper. I got about 30 sheets of 4''x6'' paper out of a weekday paper, that should give you an idea about how much you'll get.

I use newspaper a lot as drop cloths also, it makes it easier to clean up. I know a lot of schools use them for this purpose, so if you know any kids ask around- you'll help them and get rid of newspaper at the same time!

Also, I know that there is a way to fold and weave newspaper into something really sturdy, I don't know exactly how, but you can make bags out of it. Varnish it or top coat it though, or it will deteriorate if it gets wet.

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AngryRedhead (author)2010-01-06
I use them as weed barrier.

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Re-design (author)2010-01-06

Mulch them (makes new dirt).
Use them a paper mache and make lifesize models of all your firends/family.
Recycle them.
Roll them into very tight logs and burn them in the fireplace like cord wood.
Wall paper your house with them, it makes an interesting wallpaper.

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