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What coin is this?? Answered

I found this coin while looking through my collection, but i dont know how old it is or what type of currency it was used as,

-its middle eastern.

-Its written in hebrew

-I think its made of bronze


hi there this maybe it

Judaea, Bar Kochba Bronze
Modern fake after AE coinage of Bar Kochba, Second Jewish Revolt, 132-135 AD
Cast fake in incorrect style and with incorrect (and mispelled) legends in modern Hebrew lettering
obv: date palm "Year 1 [or 2?] of the Freedom of Israel"
rev: grape cluster "For the Freedom of Israel"

have a look at


grape cluster,... good thing you answered first i was think an easter coin but with a very pimple covered bunny

From a bit of googling around, it seems it might be a coin from the Bar-Kochba Revolt. Search for coins around that era and you get quite a few that look like it.

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I haven't tried this. If you do, let us know the results?


5 years ago

I'm seeing a clay or wax construct...



5 years ago

Yeah it is a Jewish coin, it seems to be from the time period when Judea was prominent due to the grapes and the date palm. I have seen a coin like this before, I don't remember what they called it but it had to do with some ancient Jewish revolt.
Hope I was able to help


5 years ago

I believe the writing is Hebrew at least from what I can see. That should give you a direction to go in.