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What could I use to dye my hair that would eventually fade back to its natural color? Answered

I know this is a bit odd, seeing as how most people would prefer the color stay in their hair.  However, I'm only 15, and I don't change my hair color ever 2 months, like many other girls my age.  My mom would prefer if I didn't dye my hair, unless I can come up with a way to do this. Also, I do definitely want it to be safe!
Please and thank you. :)


hello, i find myself in a similar situation, i'm fifteen, i like dying my hair, but only occasionally and i want it to fade back!

i am only new to dying but i would recommend "live" hair color (i can't spell the brand name i'll be back to you on that) it has a nice range and it has charts so you can match your hair color to one that will rinse out fine!

you can use kool-aid, look it up on google or youtube

best stick to bought hair colourants - There are plenty around.

I know a girl just about your age, who seemed to have a different colour every week. She'd be blending things, going for super-bright etc. She settled on a sort of grey/blond before giving up.
Why stop?
She grew out of it and didn't want to look like the less mature girls who are doing it now.
Close to your natural colour won't be much of a problem temporary or otherwise.


...use temporary hair colouring?

It will always leave a tinge of whatever it was -- but its a good way to sample without committing to a colour until you are sure you want it.

...THEN go for the permanent stuff.

Hair grows back out; dye jobs are, by definition, temporary. How short does "eventually" have to be?

Also, note that the kluge solution if you're in a hurry is to bleach it and then dye it back to a color close to your natural one.

Personally, I recommend that you dye your clothes and leave the hair alone, unless you have a Very Good Reason for needing to change the color. Realistically, no color is automatically more attractive than any other color; anyone who is focused that closely on your hair isn't worth spending time or attention on. Doing a good job of being your best self is a lot more impressive than doing a bad job of being someone else.