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What could be wrong with my led light box? Answered

Hey you guys I did everything correctly but its still not working. Here's a pic of mine. I know its not the leds because they light up when I plug them up to a 12v source.Also thats a brand new tip31 and im using 8 Triple A batteries?



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Re-drawn and if 12V battery that 100 ohm resistor increases to 350 ohms.

With the darlington  configuration a 1uF capacitor in series  with the signal will also work !



do i really ned to buy another transistor

No you don't, but do follow steveastrouk's advice !

You non-EE people should know how we buy parts.
  • One to Smoke
  • One to Lose
  • One to Use
  • One for the second version
  • One for another reason
  • And add 10% for good measure
Get at least SIX next time.

Okay but does he want me to put a 100ohm resistor on each led? Also how would I go about wiring that up

Here is the circuit that Steve described.

a gain.gif

Oops one correction change the 47K to a 4.7K ( yel-viol-red ) resistor

Im only using 6 leds, so is it still wired the same?

Which six ? ...... :-)

a6 gain.GIF

Why are you using a 40 watt transistor when a 2N3904 1/2 watt will do?
Also you need resistors you may have connected this up and the LEDs flashed once and died from to much current.

And he only acquired a single one ! ...................... :-P

Diodes in backwards ?
No base resistor ?

Take a resistor (4k7 will do), and connect it to the base of the transistor and the 12V supply. The LEDs should light. If they don't, mak sure they are the right way round. If they STILL don't light, you have a dead transistor.

+ you may have too many LED in series and a transistor forward forward drop to light up.

Hmm. Yes, 6, and on 12V.

Try 3 in parallel with 3 and put a 100 ohm series resistor in each leg

Okay im going to try that thanks for your help

Wot, no current limit resistor ?

Late night muddy brain non-engaged :-)