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What could you do with two empty Crosman CO2 cartridges? Answered

My son has a little airsoft gun, and he gave me two (for now) empty 12g CO2 Crosman cartridges. They are so nice that I want not throw them to the waste. But I have them, and I don't know what thing could I do with them. Some ideas? (refrain from the obvious humor)

Length: 8.5cm;
Diameter: approx 18mm; 
Metal: maybe stainless steel?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Ha! There are some of these at my work, a guy that used to work for us used them as new file handles, they're fantastic! Would you like me to take a picture tomorrow?

Thanks, James, very good idea.

I don't need the photo, I imagine how it is. I'll do it and put it as instructable, mentioning that you gave me the idea.

I am currently using empty co2 cartridges to make smoke grenades for my friends and I that play airsoft regularly. The only problem is that I had to bore it out to fill and drain the cartridge with any fluids properly

How did you do it? Would you be able to make an Instructable?

Well, You can look on the internet and turn them into VERY powerful bombs! there are videos on it but make sure you use safety and have cover with you

looking at one now i just cut off the top (discharge end) off and it could be turned into a bell, a mini funel, tabacco pipe bowl ( tabacco...yeah rrrriiiight) the domed end could be...hmmmm...a tip for a wood cane/staff/walking stick, some sorta wind chime...etc. oddly enough, i was searchin for ideas on what to do with them, and i came up with some on my own . gotta check out the file handles though...i love my files...many handleless. thnx

Phil B

6 years ago


I also have a pistol powered by CO2 cartridges, but it shoots BBs, not air soft pellets. I do not use it a great deal, but did find a need for an empty gas cartridge. The pedals on my bicycle have a dust cap over the end to protect the bearings. One of the dust caps comes out all of the time and I lost it. I made a new one by cutting the end from a CO2 cartridge. Wrap it with tape to make a tight fit.

Thanks, Phil, that is a good idea, but my bike has cheap plastic pedals. I choose the Jayefuu response and just made an instructable.

I saw your Instructable, but did not open it yet. My pedals are cheap and plastic, too.

WOW, then I will look the pedals, maybe I could still apply your suggest. Surely My son will give me any empty cartriges soon.

I measured the recessed space inside the end of the pedal. It was about 10 - 15mm deep.I cut the cartridge about 15mm from the shoulder where the rounded, domed end transitions to the straight sides. I used a tubing cutter (with a cutting wheel and rollers) rather than a metal saw. I wrapped the straight sides with electrical tape until it fit snugly.

i would try to flare the end by using my vice to force a slighty larger diameter socket on it, then tap it back off through to socket drive hole?

This seems a good idea. But warning, it is steel, not soft iron.

Surely that metal cap is far better than plastic!

Somehow, it has always been the cap on the right, not the left pedal that works its way out and is lost. The trick is to get the cap to stay in place. Some pedals have a "U"-shaped piece of metal that surrounds the pedal. If you remove it and insert a cap made from a CO2 cartridge, and the cap is long enough, the "U"-shaped piece will keep the cap from falling out. The plastic caps are probably adequate, if they would simply stay in place.


6 years ago

I'm getting $.48 a lb for scrap iron.

OK, I will consider that... when I have 1000 or more of these capsules.

Well if your going to save iron, save it all. Looks like you may have srcap from metal working, old nuts & bolts, tin cans..... ANYTHING. You could have a new hobby on your hands.