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What counts as "building" a flashlight? (flashlight contest) Answered

I have a question about the flashlight competition as I don't find the rules very clear.

I'll try to explain my view of the rules through some ibles that are entered. In no way do I wish to judge the  coolness, build of the ible nor the ible itself so keep that in mind. I also don't mean to target these ibles in any way I'm just using them as examples. If they are following the rules of the contest I wish them the best of luck.

My question is: "as we need to use or build a flashlight what counts as building one?"

For example the illuminate your fingers ible . Can this be considered a flashlight? I mean it ofcourse lights up in the dark but can it be considerd a flashlight by just lighting up the dark?

Another example is the steampunk Aethersaber . It's a sword that lights up. Is it a flashlight?

My last example is the recharge your glow-stick ible. Can a glow-stick be considerd a flash light?

So that's basicly my question. Do these ibles count as making a flashlight or not?

I'm currently building a project of my own that I hope to get entered before the deadline. And in that project I'll be using a flashlight without any modding so I guess that one is pretty safe. But I also had some cool ideas that involved leds and normal light bulbs. But I don't think the ible would be any good then for this contest. But after seeing the ibles I use above I'm not so sure anymore. That's why I created this topic.




If this is anything like the USB contest then you could probably just have a flashlight sitting on you workbench while you build your project. Or maybe you can use a flashlight to just power a solar powered robot


7 years ago

From my understanding of things on this site, it simply needs to be something that is meant to provide light. If it's a mod or something completely made up will determine it's "winning" potential. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

.  Just because it made the initial is-it-a-flashlight cut doesn't mean that it will win or even make the finals. I'm guessing Robot's minions don't have the time to do much more than determine that the project emits light.
.  It's just a contest on a web site - don't take it too seriously.

This is pretty spot on. Our definition of a flashlight is open. Connecting a coin cell and an LED would be a flashlight as is anything else that's portable illumination.

That will get you in the contest. Winning, of course, is another matter entirely.

Thank you Ed.

That's why I started this topic. I don't really care if the other ibles are following the rules or anything but I wanted to know if that would count as a flashlight or not as I was planning on making one myself :)

But now I have gone to a cooler idea that uses a LED mini flashlight to illuminate an object. I'm sure that is according to the rules right?

I guess what they are saying is find a way to basically, do something with light. For instance, I built my very own flashlight in my instructable. Hope it helps!