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What do I do with a still-working old handheld that was taken apart? Answered

I have a retro Tiger Electronic Handheld Baseball game circa.1993-95 like the one somebody else listed here http://cgi.ebay.com/BASEBALL-Tiger-Electronics-Vintage-Retro-Handheld-Game-/300442084519?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item45f3be64a7. While wiping the dust off, I forgot to switch to an alcohol wipe instead of my Murphy's Oil/Water rag and took it apart to dry it out. Now all the pieces in the itty bitty screen won't go back together right. I'm pretty sure the thing still works if I could just reassemble it. Any recommendations on what to do? Or can I just list it as "FREE" on craiglist or a yard sale to anyone that wants to play with it or use it for parts? Sadly, I no longer have the original package or instructions.


Congratulations; your game now comes with a free puzzle... All I can suggest is that you view reassembling it as a game rather than a frustration, and see if you can figure it out. If not...

LOL, I was viewing it as a game...except I have to put it away now because we've got company coming soon and I have larger pieces of furniture and random other things that need cleaning and to be put away before I settle down to the game again. I decided just to pack it with other old electronics and maybe I'll find some random online instructions or someone that used to work in the factory!


6 years ago

They managed to put it together in the first place so you know there is a way. Sometimes there are little tricks, like doing it upside down so parts don't fall out.
If the problem is with buttons not staying in place long enough to put it together you can try tape. Put the buttons where they go and then tape them in from the outside so they stay. Try a few things before you give up. Somehow they mass produced them and didn't spend a lot of time putting them together.

Ha, I tried, but the bits flew out before I had time to process what was happening, and there are like 7 bits to the tiny postage-sized screen alone, several of which look rather identical. I used to take apart things like our old lazer-tag guns all the time and put it back together, so I thought this would be easy!