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What do I need to be able to charge my bluetooth headset from my laptop's USB port instead from the DC adapter? Answered

The DC adapter that came with the bluetooth head set puts out about 5.4V but I haven't been able to find the current.  The adapter has no labels.  I know that the output from a USB port is about 5V and my headset has a Li-polymer cell.  I'm wondering if I could make a contraption that I could use to charge my bluetooth headset from my laptop's USB port?




Probably just plug it straight in. You'd need a spare charging cord and male USB connector and splice them together.

What model of bluetooth headset do you have? I can't imagine that the headset will draw more than the 500mA that USB 2.0 can supply.

Did you measure the voltage that the DC adaptor gives or does it say it on the adaptor?

dealextreme.com sells a usb dongle boost converter that goes from 5 volts to 6 volts to charge certain nokia phones.

Wouldn't be hard to use something like that to fake the 5.4 volts.