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What do homeschoolers want in a social networking site that doesn't exist yet? Answered

I am asking this because I am creating a social networking site for particularly Christian Homeschoolers. What do homeschoolers want from a social network that hasn't already been provided? What new features would you be looking for? This site would not only be for homeschoolers though, but rather just makes it easier for them. Any suggestions? I have already started programming. I already have a preview of the site here: http://www.socialize24.com which I encourage you to read. Thank you!


Cool sounding site! I am hoomchooled so I should know that you should let people be able to select witch of you friends you want to show it to.

send me a link to the site. ; )

Thank you for showing interest in my site I'm working on. Here is the preview site which you should look at: http://www.socialize24.com

Also I would like you to spread the word. I really, really appreciate your help! Thank you so much!

Thank you! I would really appreciate that. The site isn't online yet since I'm still programming it. I already have an idea that might separate it from the other sites out there. Right now my time on the computer is limited so I haven't been able to do any programming in the last month. However I should be able to spend more time on Christmas break. I will send you a private message when I can and I really would appreciate your time and effort! :-)

You should provide anonymity. So many members of your target audience are not there by their own choice, you will have many members looking for a way out of the home schooling process, but unable to find advice because their parents monitor everything they do:


I can't answer the question except to say this. Instructables probably isn't going to give you nearly an accurate answer in comparison to websites devoted to homeschooling and querying the homeschooling community directly. You'd be well advised to find home schooling sites and try to investigate there.

You should look to the Australian remote schooling system - they have been at it for many years:

generally students want:




Support (not answers)

interesting content aimed at ta specific age group (one size doesn't fit all)

material that is tailored and aimed at the exam boards requirements - generalisations are no good.

Progressive material. - Easy to challenging.

What they may want, BUT don't need are Answers, Cheats, Easy options, Simple dumbed down approach, lies, incorrect information. A chat site (when they should be working).

I warn you Building an educational site that is effective and usable is fearfully hard. You need a reasonable background in educational methods and the background knowledge or the ability and willingness to gain that. If your just aiming at a we can socialise with people in similar circumstances then you have to think - these people already use the existing social networking systems - What can you give them that is specific to Home schooling (see above)

I am a fully qualified professional teacher - trust me, I know what I am talking about.