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What do i need to buy in order to program an 8-pin PIC microcontroller? Answered

I am trying to build/sell mod kits for 360 controllers (to make them rapidfire of course) and i need to know what i need to buy. I have 2 serial ports on my computer, so it doesn't need to be usb. I just want to find the cheapest way to take codes off of and write codes to microchips. I saw this but i was told that i would need to get other items to add to that to be able to program a chip. Also, is this chip similar enough to the ones that they use in the kits/ mods they sell on ebay? Would this chip work? Any answers would help very much.


Why noy use the simple rapidfire mod? It'll keep the parts count down and is much easier to do if you're selling it as a kit.

To program a PIC you'll need a pic programmer, such as this one. I reccommend finding the tutorial on a place such as acidmods and then looking at the parts listed there, then selling these in kit form. The tutorial may also reccommend a pic programmer you can use.

I think i was wrong about that, but i can't find anything about programming the chips yourself. I think they just have a bunch of links to advertising websites.

Thanks for your advice. So that will definitely let me pirate a code or let me program them? I just want to know, because i was talking to another instructables member who wasn't of very much help to me. I'll have to check out what you're talking about on acidmods. I also don't do the simple mod because i want to use the kind that has the 4 different mod modes and i tried the simple one with my controller and it's the newer type so i can't =/.