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What do you do w/ a large: 4'x6'x1' box from fed ex excluding landfill or burning? Answered

We ship products via fedex and are concerned about how much cardboard is being placed in landfill. The box and internal protective packaging are necessary to ensure a quality shipment but we would like to be innovative in figuring out a second life opportunity for the cardboard, with your help.



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Print up a brochure to go in each package, just a single sheet, but include project ideas (such as fort-building, costume-making), maybe with links to a few projects here, or with instructions for a specific project.

Also add a request to pass the box on to somebody who would use it, such as a local playgroup, or school art-department.

You could contact the suppliers of your boxes, and get them to print instructions on the box for making the box into something else, or any of the other stuff I have mentioned above.

thanks for the suggestion. I like the brochure idea or an internal lable that does the same thing.

You're sending or receiving? Or both?


sending. We manufacturer products and ship using fedex for orders placed via the web. The packaging has to be pretty robust to stand up to the shipping process and are much more robust than if we use our own carrier. so we wanted to be able to find a better use of the packaging after it meets it's initial usefulness. We have considered taking it back to make sure it does get recycled because often times it does not. but that is proving quite expensive.

I might suggest re-usable containers, but that's only a good idea for regular customers where they can send back and there's a real cost-saving on packaging.
Split out the cost of a box as a separate line on the invoice, and offer returns credit? Even if you don't get returns people will be aware that the packaging cost them and might be less inclined to dump it.


Child's shed/playhouse.
Storage compartment.
Shipping container.
Recycle (shred, pulp, and remanufacture).

thanks for the response. we will have our team brainstorm on the ideas posted.

Card board is recycleable.