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What do you recommend as some key electronic components to have in oder to complete some basic projects? Answered

I have seen a lot of instructables list parts needed.  Most require a voltage regulator, resistors, diodes, capacitors, yada, yada, yada. Be specific with part no. and even datasheet link if you feel ambitious.



GrotBox - Thanks for your reply. It is pretty much what I'm looking for. I have scavenged circuit boards from a dvd player, a pioneer receiver, disc changer, comp mb, and a few other random boards. I have been amazed of how much of this was considered junk but still has 10s-100s of dollars of components waiting to be re-used.

As the other answers say, it completely depends on the type of projects that interest you. I would however suggest that you have the following: A complete range of resistors. A few capacitors of each magnitude (10p, 100p, 1n, 10n, 100n, 1u, 100u). Some small NPN transistors, and some higher current/voltage NPN transistors. Battery holders/clips. Strip/vero board. Solder. Wire. LEDs With that lot, you can make a surprising number of circuits. Most circuits really aren't that critical; If you don't have exactly the right component, use something close, chances are it will probably work ok. e.g. I have a large box of ZTX450 NPN transistors that I will use in place of whatever low current transistor is specified in the circuit. Similarly, if the circuit calls for 22uF capacitor, and the nearest I have is 10uF, then I'll try that instead. If it doesn't work, then I might use two 10uF capacitors in parallel etc

Depends entirely on the project, and on what kinds of projects you want to tackle -- electronics is a huge field. Pick the project first, order parts to suit. Or be prepared to spend huge amounts of time scavenging parts and then either picking projects to suit them or hunting through them to try to find at least some of the parts you need.

+ one. Buying stocks of parts and hoping you will have what you want to build that next project just doesn't work. For me atleast it's better to make a shopping list for a project and buy them at that time. If I run up on a good deal of something that I "know" that will come in handy then I might buy extras but I don't try to keep a stock of resistors, caps, transistors and such. I never seem to have what I'm looking for.