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What do you want the iPad 3 to have? Answered

Hey! The iPad came out last Friday and I've already started to hear rumors about the iPad 3 coming out in later 2011. Now, this doesn't seem like Apple because they usually have a one year refresh of their products (as in the iPod touch and iPhone). What would you guys like to see on the iPad 3? Thanks! 



I would love retina display :)

SD card reader would be great. So would longer battery life.

I agree with the SD card reader but the iPad has really good battery life. It's really thin (the iPad 2) with 10 hours of battery life. How much more do you need? Don't forget that you can get a battery extender.


Yeah I know, but it would be so much better with 15 hours of battery life. longer battery life is always better.

I know but the iPad is already really thin, 15 hours is nice though.

they do make SD reders for ipad though... I couldn't find the DIRECT link but they have them on amazon: Click me...

Yes. I understand that. That is the camera connection kit. I meant a built-in SD card reader for adding extra memory.

yeah, but i was just showing that they do offer it

Thats ok. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, Please excuse me.

it's alright... I know dude, don't worry :D

Awww. Why don't you know? I really enjoy your happy spirit!

Seriously, is this the civilisation we live in now... where i have to #hashtag sarcasm? ;) :P

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Ok cool! Thanks for teaching me that! ~:-D

I haven't even seen an iPad in real life, but I agree with killerjackalope, it should be able to work as a tablet, for photoshop, virtual dj and that stuff, and it should have USB. Should also have a retina screen, which would give it a freakingly high resolution! Oh! And an induction type charging system! I think that's what they call it when you charge stuff by placing it on the surface of the charger! (and yes, I am a computer nerd)

Actually I think that an iPad built into a kitchen wall would be cool, to check recipes or play music and stuff. (I also cook)

But I'm happy with my 2G iPod touch 8GB jailbroken :P

Duh! I'm giving you a three paragraph comment an you answer me in two words? LOL

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maybe an arduino and a machine gun servos waterproof and an invisibility cloak

all right that sounds awesome if it stays the same prices ill take ten

and it would be able to regenerate it own soda or beverage of your choice in the settinges menu

A microwave so I could cook my hot pockets on the go

I'm still pretty enamoured by the first one - if iGear was more openly compatible I'd love it for my work, recently I've stopped doing PR and my photography is getting somewhere, at the end of a shoot being able to have the client pick and choose photos they want to use for something/changed black and white/effects added would be awesome.

I second the standard inputs idea.

An increased functionality touchscreen, one that works as a serious graphic tablet as well as being able to be used as a simple computer input, something my phone already does when I'm feeling especially lazy...

Proper inputs and outputs - at the very least, an SD and a standard USB connection that will communicate with any computer, not just the one with your copy of iTunes installed.

I definitely agree with you! A lot of people are also wanting the USB and SD ports.
Thanks for your feedback!