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What does "Fi freq comp" mean in IC TA7313AP ? Answered

Hello , ia have a question about the IC TA7313AP .

This is the IC's pin :
1 : Hi freq comp
2 : Input
3 : Feedback
4 : Hi freq comp
5 : GND
6 : Out
7 : Vcc
8 : Bootstrap
9 : Ripple Filter

What does "Hi freq comp" mean ?? In datasheet file, they place a 100p Cap between pin 1 and 4 , what happend if i put a 1n cap instead of 100p cap ?

Thanks in advance !

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icengBest Answer (author)2012-03-30

A capacitor provides a short circuit for ac high frequency signals that would
destabilize the op-amp.

If you increase the capacitor the op-amp ac frequency response will be
less at a lower frequency.


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