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What does a resistor do? Answered

Exactly how and what does a resistor do?

I really want to know.

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-04-05

I think a good place to start learning about this is the resistor lesson. If you are still unclear after that, I would be happy to answer any specific questions to the best of my ability.

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9523johnp (author)randofo2017-04-26

I' am not all that good hower reading through theses questions I came upon yours: resister (the word:resist) in electricity it resite's the flow of electricity. Think of a water tub with an out let towards the bottom, and maybe another half way up. The one at the bottom will have more pressure, power If you put a tap (fawcet in america?) on it, think of that has a resister, with it being a tap which you can reduce or increase the flow it's like a variable resister in electricity. resisters have different values depending on the amount of current passing througth them

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