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What does bolt action mean??? Answered

Well I have recently began to build knex guns but Im not sure what some things mean like: Bolt-Action True-Trigger Firing pin Ram


I had the same questions when I came here a few years ago but over time I found the out the answers.

Bolt action is basically a lever on the side or top of the gun that makes cocking easier. This is an example of a bolt action gun. https://www.instructables.com/id/The_Storm_220_V21_Battle_rifle/

A true trigger is a knex term that tells what kind of trigger a gun has. A true trigger is pulled like a real trigger, unlike a block trigger witch you pull or push to one side or another. Here is an example of a true trigger. https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-FX-9-Pistol-V12/

A firing pin and ram are the same thing. They hit the bullet once it is released by the trigger. Your latest gun uses a firing pin/ram. https://www.instructables.com/id/Bolt-Action-Sniper-Rifle-1/

I hope this helps.

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Well, at this point, thanks to my AR-4 v3 and 2222222539, we managed to make 2 classes of bolt action.

Real bolt-action, is a manual loading system using a bolt (in that link it has a big handle on the left). This was far better that manually loading bullets one at a time, but before automatic weapons. Auto-mechanisms are similar but use recoil to move the bolt.

"True-Trigger" is (I believe) a KNEX-only term

A real firing-pin strikes the primer on a cartridge igniting the propellant inside, so doesn't really apply to KNEX.

"Ram" has many meanings, you want the KNEX definition.


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What's cocking? and are there little guns with bolt action because i don't got much knex (only 65 half moon's

True trigger means that a gun is pulled down like a trigger on a real gun instead of pushed to the side, those type of guns are called block triggers. Bolt action means a gun is cocked back like a sniper rifle when it has to eject the shells. Im not quite sure what a firing pin is yet but, a ram is the rod that is connected to a rubber band that hits the ammo causing it to be fired out of the barrel.

Bolt action is something like my AR-4 v3. You have to pull it back, but then push the bolt forward to load the ammo into the main chamber True trigger is a trigger pulled like the trigger on a real gun. It has to block the barrel though. The other 2 are a bit too obvious.

Bolt action: A knex gun with a firing pin\ram and with a magazine. Also known as a "repeater" True trigger: I trigger that you pull like rou would on a real gun Firing pin\ram: A rod that gets into the barrel to push the bullets forewards using rubber bands. Also known as a "bolt", "firing rod", or "pin".