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What does someone exactly mean with "WORD!" Answered

I have noticed that some comments are ended by the statement "WORD". What does this exactly mean and where does it come from?




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Try Urban Dictionary for all of your slang explanatory needs.

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Thanks! Meanwhile I learned a few words they didn't teach me at school!

Or alternately:
"Your silly open source office suite is totally bogus. You should install a real program like MS Office."

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Or as in "Ug" the universal first word uttered by a cave person.  Used to express the total sum of thought of the day.

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Short for "Word Up" which is Slang for "I agree". Example: "A mothers Job Never Ends

""Reply: "Word!"

Alternatly, if the reply is "Word"? (With the question mark...it mean "Oh Really?"

Example: "My brother'smusic was picked up by a major record label! "

Reply: "oh Word?"


Here in America, we have changed the way we speak "ENGLISH" slightly ... and our black community has further changed some english words.  One such word is "WORD".  When they say that they mean "TRUTH"  or  What I said is the TRUTH"  . heres another one.  Solid-Dollar.  One black man asked me for a Solid dollar!! what the heck is THAT?  Later i found out that is a Quarter of a dollar coin.  Heres another one.  a black friend asked me if i was "chillun"   I thought he asked if i was a "children"  but no... he was asking if i was "chilling-out" or being calm and cool.  My american "white" english is different from Englands English... just as the black community's english differs from "white" english. Watch the VIDEO that nachomama gave  a good example. word.

Thanks everyone for answering!

It's an interjection meaning, truth, truly, or strong agreement. It's sort of like the archaic word "amen", but without any of the religious connotations usually associated with "amen".


8 years ago

Kinda like saying peace at the end of a sentence. Word.