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What electronic component is this? Answered

I am not sure of what this is, but I think it's a replacement for 5 turns of 28 swg on a intermediate ferrite core (ift) which is missing from the kit.  I have this kit for a fm transmitter circuit and I found this in that kit's components. 



Best Answer 3 years ago

Thats definitely a tunable ferrite coil, you might have to slide off the tin cover to count turns or measure the wire diameter.

Hard to say where it should be mounted on that pcb.

Thank you so much...

I've removed the tin cover and now I it looks like this.

So do I need to wrap a coil on it?


The coil is already in there as you can see by the wires.
The ferrite "screw" changes the inductivity depending on how far you screw it in.

Ok. Thank you..

But there are only two holes on the pcb so how do I connect this whole thing if it has 5 pins?

It could be tapped coil or even a transformer so us an ohm meter to find the real coil pins. The others can just be dummy pins for holding the component on board.

Don't ignore the necessary metal electro static shield for proper operation.


Thanks to you! I figured it out. I just needed to remove the ferrite core from that IFT, and remove the already wound coil and wound another coil 28 swg wire provided on that small ferrite magnet.